Saturday, January 11, 2014

Have I angered the running gods?

Today was supposed to be a twenty miler. I made it 13.2 miles before calling it due to lightening and having the hubs come pick me up at the gas station I ran to for cover. The mounting bitchy feeling of hating running as rain poured down and soaked everything might have also contributed to the run being cut short. But I like to think it was mostly due to safety.

This feels like the millionth long run done in rain and the bazillionth run done in rain lately. Have I angered the running gods or something? I seriously feel like I am being punished. This was the first time though that I felt a bit scared due to the lightening and just the amount of rain coming down that made it hard to see. Of course now it is sunny that is awesome. Luckily I have another 20 miler and a 22 miler to redeem myself. Tomorrow is the Columbus Road Runners 5K so perhaps I can add some miles on to that as well if I feel so inclined. I have already run 49 miles this week so....

 I also think I might have killed the Ipod. So sad. Oh and my hokas might be destroyed as well. So overall a bust of a morning in case you were wondering. I did realize that on Monday I wouldn't run outside because it was eleven degrees and today I started my run at a balmy 65 degrees. All within six days time. Weather is so crazy.

Did anyone else get their yearly summary from Daily Mile?

Mine blew my mind. Mostly December. Get a coach and all the sudden you are running 207 miles in one month. I don't believe I have ever cracked into the 200 mile mark. Things just got intense around here.

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Congrats on your first 200 mile month! It's so fun to watch your training with the guidance of your coach.

    Ha ha. Oh, weather. I think most of the country is getting slammed with weird crap, and I bet a lot of people are also wondering if they angered someone. LOL, but that's just winter! I hope you had a good 5K today!


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