Columbus Road Runners 5k

I'll be honest. I was not that interested in running Sunday afternoon. But then I ran into these awesome ladies and we decided to run together and have fun and hopefully help Kendra kill it and get a PR. Our goal was a sub 40 minute 5K and we were on it. 

Amanda, myself and Kendra ready to race.

I think our constant chatter may have annoyed Kendra into her blazing pace in an effort to get away from us. But whatever it worked!

39:43 for the win

Super fun run. Running with friends is the best. Watching your friend get a PR and then win a free massage = awesome! Kendra and Amanda have both been working so hard at running lately and are a total inspiration.

Thanks ladies for a great race!
(and thanks for letting me steal your photos Amanda!)


  1. Yay! Running with friends to a PR IS the best! So happy you got to do this!


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