2014 Race Schedule

So one of the not so great sides of being a military wife/significant other is the inability to plan anything really. D's training is constantly changing, at some point this year we will be moving to a different base and for a type A, control freak, must plan everything have two calenders type of person like myself this can be a bit difficult. So with all plans I throw in a this is tentative fine print clause and it has taken me awhile to work out the 2014 race calender of badass awesomeness. But one must plan and register and run all the races and after much deliberation I believe this is what I will be doing this year. Let's get our run on shall we.

Feb 16th- Half Marathon and hopefully a meet up with one of my favs Yo Momma!
Race goals: Have fun, gain awesome medal, get pumped to race Albany

March 1st- Marathon
Race goals: Run ass off and finish in 4:20 or less aka BIG PR

March 23rd- Marathon
Race goals: Obtain fun peach medal, get a good distance workout with hills in preparation for...

March 29th-30th- 1st 24 hour race
Race goals: I want to be all cocky and say aim for 100 miles but that seems crazy at this point. Still processing that I want to do this. So race goals, hmmm maybe try not to freak out at all during the 24 hours, run a lot of miles.....we will think about this one.

April 12th (if can get in)
Race goal: Finish to get guaranteed entry to the Marine Corp Marathon- my fall marathon of choice

April 25th-26th
Race goals: Have a rockin good time with an awesome group of ladies, avoid wildlife, try not to fall into any bodies of water....or fall in general.

May 3rd
Race goals: First ultra trail run! so enjoy and finish in a reasonable time....tbd. Eat a lot of ice cream after.
August 1st and 2nd
Race goals: Meet some awesome new people, catch up with old friends, not pass out from the lack of oxygen....get my ass over the pass. 

August 22nd-23rd.
Race goals: Much like the Wild West Relay I will get to meet some new people and catch up with an old friend and dude it is Hood to Coast! How freakin cool is that!

October 26th- If I get in
Race goals: This is so far off that right now I feel like maybe this will be a train hard for race....but we will see how we feel after all the above mentioned running. 

The Marine Corp marathon, besides being difficult to get into is also tentative due to the fact that my brother is getting married in the fall!!!! Congrats Kevin and Angie and so excited! If their wedding is on the 26th of October then Marine Corp may have to wait until next year and I have like five back up marathons I want to do of course.

This is the year of relay, ultra, shiny medal fun times!


  1. Greenland Trail was my first ultra back in 2011. I had contemplated going back this year. If you are in town, let me know, that's not very far from me.

  2. You have the gnarliest race plan in Blogland!! I'm in awe!!! This is so hard core!!!

  3. Dang girl, your lineup is awesome and busy!!! I'm jealous.


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