This Week in the Land of Bean

Well you could probably do without another post about how tired I am so let's try for something new. I am hangry. Oh wait that is not new either. Here we go:

The Bad
Our rental house got broken into and all our appliances were stolen. I am still a bit annoyed by this but what are you gonna do... well besides probably fill out a lot of insurance paperwork and have to get pushy with the management company.

The Good
There is someone out there with a bigger foot than mine. This find is pretty exciting. (I wear a size 12 in women's in case you were wondering or want to buy me shoes). That shoes is a size 18 men's. Suddenly I feel dainty.... or slightly less Sasquatch like.

What are those snazzy shoes I am sporting? Why they are my new Altras. I don't run in them because my Achilles would probably snap and fall off but they are super comfortable for standing around in and walking and taking body pump. Actually I kind of love them.

Christmas gifts! On Tuesday I got to have dinner with my girls and got some sweet gifts! Love them. I am going to miss everyone while they are off visiting family and such over the holidays. D and I are staying put because we want to explore this area together and after watching other people stress out about travel and family and holiday craziness I feel that was a good decision though we are missing our fams.

This week in headgear:
New fun running headband. It was on sale and it is chevron and I love it. The heart wants what the heart wants.

My friend Kelcey saved my life by giving me a new ear cover she did not want. I seem to have lost mine and it has been cold. Okay coldish. This one is way more exciting than my old black one. 

This leads me to some recent questions people have asked:
1) Kim over at ilaxSTUDIO asked how I like training in a warmer climate over the winter. Love it though it still gets down in the low 20's and 30's so cold but luckily no ice or snow so I can keep on running. Even so every once in awhile I visit my treadmill because sometimes running when it is cold and dark is just no fun. 

2) Vincente over at Bicolano Penguin mentioned that my use of the word plod in my blog name implies that I am a slower runner but in fact am not all that slow. My answer to that is speed is relative I guess. Faster than some, slower than others. This got me thinking about the title of my blog and why Just Plodding Along. I started this blog when I was coming back from a serious injury so at the time it felt like every run was me just awkwardly trying to stay upright without giving myself a heart attack. But beyond that the title to me means always moving forward. It might be slow, or painful, or annoying or the last thing you want to do that day but progress must be made. Whether running or life I think persistence is key. Plod if you have to but keep moving forward. 

The Awesome
Big Dog Jingle 5K this Saturday (with a 14 mile warm-up so not expecting super fast things to happen but will still be fun).

Starting today D has two weeks of leave and we are going on adventures around Georgia!

Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming!


  1. Hi Bean,

    Thanks for the mention. Agree with you 100% on persistence being key. Happy Holidays.

  2. So sorry to read about the burglary. That sucks. SMH. People least the bad people do!!! In case I don't read your blog and/or comment between now and then - MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!


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