Hard Partier

Last night was the Big Dog and several other businesses owned by the owners Christmas party. They provided dinner and we provided the desserts so I baked some cookies.

It was fun to hang out with friends
Nicole and myself- another awesome Big Dog employee
and eat of course. 

We found out we are getting North Face jackets as Christmas gifts. Super excited about that. 

Speaking of gifts D got one of his Christmas gifts early today when I took him to go get a massage. And then as a second gift I made him go to Sam's Club with me. Okay that was a gift to myself. Look what we found!
Biggest bottle of wine ever.
Merry Christmas to me.

This morning it was pouring rain so I did not go run. Instead I have a track workout at 7 p.m. Running in the evening is weird for me and I am not sure what to do with myself. I did manage to make it to Pilates and my abs have been on fire ever since. 

Last week I ran around 46 miles with a 5K race thrown in.

Running a 5K after running 14 miles and a tough workout week is hard. This time I did not do as well but the point was to run hard while being tired. Oh and I was tired. I ran it in 28:47 average 9:17 per mile, 19th in my age group and 171 out of 440. Not horrible but not as well as I know I can do when rested and ready to race. 

Merry Christmas to everyone! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!


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