All the miles

Things that happen when you go from running three days a week to six, from 10 miles a week to over 50:

  • Must eat all the things. And I thought I was hangry before. 
  • Laundry. So much laundry. And then if I also cross train, even more outfits. It is not so much the washing, folding is just the worst. And then apparently they are supposed to go back in the dresser. That part is just so difficult to get motivated to do. 
  • Tired, so very tired. I would like to make a motion that naps become part of everyone's day. Can I get a second? 
  • Running six miles seems like no big deal. Unless you throw a mini fit like I did this morning and then it seems like a very big deal and you will feel like a ridiculous person the rest of the day. Sometimes running is just hard and you don't feel like doing it. Boo hoo poor me. But I did it anyway. 

Yesterday the other LT wives and I had a cookie social with some of the wives of the various commanders and high ranking important peeps on base and it went pretty awesome (once I got over being awkward, oh so very awkward am I). It was an ugly sweater dress code so I wore this.

Don't be jealous

So many cookies. 

Oh no leftovers. Whatever shall we do. See first bullet point above.

It was fun to hear their stories and get to know them better. We also got to hang with the wonderful woman who let us have it at her house and she is just the sweetest. She is the wife of the Ranger Battalion Commander who is in charge of training (something like that) so we will get to socialize with her more when Dustin is away at Ranger school. I am looking forward to that. Socializing with her not Dustin being gone for three months or longer at Ranger School. That will kind of suck. No not kind of. It will suck a lot. 

But having the marathon to focus on, plus the ultra in May plus my awesome friends here helps.
 It will be just fine. Rinse and repeat.


  1. Yes! I second the naps!!!! :)

    How fun to get to know those ladies so you will have so close friends when Dustin is gone.

    And that sweater is not ugly! It's cute! Hee hee.

  2. I really like that sweater...but I like the miles more. 50? Beast mode!!!!

  3. Wow, I can't imagine running that many miles in a week. You are gonna have to change the name of your blog before too long!!


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