Weekend Photo Round-up

First off did anyone watch the NYC Marathon this morning? Amazing. I just have a hard time comprehending how fast they move. Amazing! One day I would like to do this marathon....and then eat a lot of New York Pizza. Are you really that surprised that a race goal involves food? I feel you all should just expect that by now;).

After a week of hard running my legs are feeling it. But on the bright side my core and arms feel good and strong so I like to think the cross training is working.

Photo randomness from the past week.

Fun with family involves fish bowl drinks with us. I love you giant margarita.

I had all intention of parading Max up and down the main street on Halloween. But I was so tired after working all day all I could do was watch The Great Pumpkin and make Max parade around the loft and hang out with me dressed as a hot dog. 

He was not pleased.
Have no fear Max there is always next year to humiliate you in public.
 Treat yo self day was awesome.
Christmas Made in the South craft fair. So large and exciting I guess I couldn't stand still. Found some fun items there.

Paws and claws looking half way nice. I always feel horrible for who ever has to touch my runner feet. But oh they look so nice. 

River side grilling to finish off the week. A great evening with my favorite guy.
Other weekend highlights include heading to Jason's Deli for lunch and free ice cream. Amazing. I am moving into this place. Any establishment that gives away free soft serve is one I can get behind. We also hit up Sam's for large quantities of fun stuff.

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend! And congrats to all those racing this weekend!


  1. Aww! Max is so cute!

    I hope you get to do NYC someday! I loved that marathon!

  2. Nice nails!!! And I've decided to apply for NYC next year - you should apply too and we can get rejected together YET AGAIN!

    How is the job going? You doing a blog-post on it?? Hope you're enjoying it.

  3. your pup is adorable--- i saw so many more photos of pets in costumes this year. (one day I hope to contribute to those photos) Love how you did matching toes and feet!

  4. Drinks that come in fish bowls are my favorite!!!


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