Treat Yo Self and 5k training

Today I am having a Treat Yo Self day

And I am very pleased about this. Holiday craft fair and nail salon here I come! I will also throw in a dash of responsible adult by doing laundry and taking Max for a check-up at the vet. Hello Friday! I love you. This will also distract me from being sad that the parents left yesterday. Thanks for coming! I had so much fun!

Kim over at IlaxStudio asked what my 5k training plan was like so I will share a bit.

Mondays are easy runs. This Monday I did three miles plus Pilates
Tuesdays are speed work days. I did 6x400 on the treadmill after a body pump class. So basically speedwork without functioning arms. Then ran another three miles with my Couch to 5k group.
Wednesdays are rest or x-train days. I walked.
Thursdays are tempo runs. I ran 30 minutes at about a 8:30 pace. Again after body pump so seemed a hundred times more difficult than it actually was.
Fridays are rest days. I am doing nothing productive in the exercise area. TREAT YO SELF
Saturday is what I would say is a solid effort run-faster than easy but not tempo of 5 miles. I am going to the pancake run my work puts on at 6am to run with others.
Sunday is an easy long run. This Sunday will be 70 minutes.

That kind of repeats for a few weeks until the 5k on November 30th. I would like to get under 25 minutes. The good thing is my core feels stronger already from all the cross training. My arms are probably stronger too, or will be when they recover and are no longer numb.

How do you treat yo self?


  1. I'm very confident in your sub-25!

    I want to treat myself with sleep! Why do my kids keep asking me for stuff? Don't they know I just ate too much of their Halloween candy and will now be in a bad mood for a week?

  2. I treat myself far too often. I need to get away from treating myself and start BEATING myself back in to shape! Ha ha!!! You're gonna kill that 5K!

  3. That sounds like a great plan! I am excited to hear how it progresses! You got this sub 25:00!!!

  4. seriously I attribute one of the ways I got faster is by running AFTER my other workouts- the runs seem harder, legs are tired, which trains them to be able to go fast when in a race- you'll get that sub 25 in no time :)


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