Save me from myself

Two awesome things happened today:

1) 6 a.m. run with the Big Dog peeps where we got to wear test some new Brooks gear. This shirt below is da bomb. Warm, fuzzy, just long enough, everything you want in running clothes. Good thing too because it was about 34 degrees this morning......

ahhhhh what. I would expect this kind of weather from Illinois. But Georgia. Really??? Get it together. I also got to try an awesome vest- this one
Feels like paper, keeps you all toasty. Some sort of voodoo magic going on. And it is super bright which comes in handy at 6 a.m. now. I might need my own version of this. Bit classier than the classic sweater vest I do believe.

2) Got to see two of my favorite peeps this morning plus some other very nice ladies at a little social event. I decided pumpkin bars were needed at this event so made some to take and share and swear I have eaten the majority of the pan.

Somebody save me from myself.
Why do none of my pants fit....? I blame this on the fifty pounds of pumpkin I bought at Sam's club.

The get together was to plan a coffee (Army speak for Army wives/ girlfriends getting together to socialize. We are throwing an ugly sweater cookie exchange ( I pants will never fit again). I can't wait to bake and find an ugly sweater. The nice thing is that wives who have been in the Army awhile share advice and their experiences with the newbies. And even though I am not new to this, there is always something to learn and interesting people to meet.....and cookies. 

.....long story short I am still eating all the things and I need new pants. 


  1. ROFLMAO!!!! OMG, you have me cracking up with your pants!!!! I feel your pain, girlfriend!!!


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