Let's hear it for the ladies

It has recently come to my attention that I am a very lucky person. The end of August I moved to Columbus knowing no one and a little nervous about how this whole new location/ D back in the Army thing was going to go.

Fortunately I have met the wives and significant others of Alpha company and they rock! Tami, Amanda, Christa, Jorden and Victoria have made my life so much better. When D is in the field for a week I don't worry about being alone because I am not. If I need something they are there. Even if it is to feed the addiction of buying running clothes

But I needed a top specifically for the one Pilates class I take a week
Or to stuff my face with froyo.

So CherryBerry is kind of magic
This morning I got to be there when Tami had her second little one and it is amazing to think about how close we all have become in such a short period of time.
Team Drumstick (he was supposed to come on Thanksgiving but he was in a hurry)
He was totally worth the wait. And I totally stole this pic from Amanda but they are just so cute!!!
 It helps that we are all going through the same thing. Going through weird Army life stuff is easier when everyone else is confused/ frustrated/ waiting to see what happens next at the same time. 

So in the spirit of November and being thankful - shout out to you ladies. I am super thankful that I got lucky enough to get stationed here with you guys. And no matter where we go next or what life throws my way I will always love the time I have spent here in Columbus with you lovely ladies!


  1. Congrats to your friend Tami!! So awesome you ladies could be there for her today. I'm so glad you're adjusting well to Columbus and making new friends - makes a big difference when you've relocated to a new town!

    1. It is a great place and I will be sad when we have to go.

  2. I forgot you moved to Columbus. I'm from Dayton but my brother lives in Columbus so we always go up there when I'm in town- I hope you love all that the city has to offer because its one of the 'cooler parts' of Ohio

    1. It is Columbus, GA though I believe you that Columbus Ohio is cool because whenever I google places in Columbus it always takes me to Ohio!


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