Give Thanks


- Health
Even though recently it seems like I have a million and a half colds I have been lucky to be healthy enough to run pretty much to my little heart's content and do lots of fun and exciting things.

Marathons! Marathons! Marathons!

Leaving Illinois and moving to Columbus Georgia was kind of intimidating but now that we are here I love it. I feel lucky that we are in a place that I can work at a running store because it is fun and that D is doing a job he is happy and feels proud to do.
Fort Benning- Home of the Airborne School
-My family
They have been amazing supporting us and our life endeavors and I feel very grateful that I have such loving and awesome family.

- My friends
Near or far they are the best and I feel very lucky to know such amazing and inspiring people.
Friends who cheer/make wacky posters/ eat pancakes together, stay together

-My husband
He is my favorite person and my best friend for 10 years now. I like that he is my backup for this crazy life adventure.
Yay for a man in uniform;)!

-My dog
He makes me happy.
Cute but has breath of death

-My fellow running bloggers
They keep me inspired and on the road dreaming of being better, faster, stronger.

And if you inspire me a lot, a lot I will show up at your door and make you be my best friend. Just let it happen.
Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Delighted to represent all your blogging friends, Queen Bean :) And LOVE the photo of Max. Happy Thanksgiving.x


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