Evidence and Relays

Look where I was this morning
That's right! 6am body pump for the win. Unfortunately my arms would not stop shaking after (may have gone a little too heavy) and that coupled with being short on time before work- I have postponed my tempo run until tomorrow morning. Arms seem vital to trying to maintain an 8:35 pace for 35 minutes. 

Speaking of running (when am I not speaking of running) some exciting news on the relay home front. My friend Katie in Alaska has a team going to Hood to Coast and asked if I would be interested in joining them for a little running fun. After I got done screaming while jumping up and down I calmly replied I might be into that. Just kidding. I am pretty sure I used all caps and a criminal amount of emoticons to say Please Yes Please can I tag along! Fingers crossed August 22 & 23rd I am hanging out with an awesome team making my way to the coast!!! Katie you rock!!!!

An if it couldn't get any better Stacey, a friend from high school, asked if I would be interested in the Wild West Relay in Colorado on August 1st and 2nd. You had me at relay girl. I am thinking this is also a win since it equals catching up with an old friend and running through my home state and hopefully seeing some family. Only down side is that I probably won't be able to breathe. Eh who needs breathing- there is running to do.

Annnnddddd the addiction continues
More running stuff. I kind of love Brooks.

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend especially those doing the Soldier Marathon and Half Marathon (Go Nicole!!!) I will toast you as I lay on the beach;)!


  1. Hood to Coast---your dream come true!!! I am SO excited for you!!!!

  2. From everything I've read about the Wild West Colorado relay, you'll love it. Fun fact, Ragnar CO was based off that relay and tried to purchase it from them. 2 summers ago I was supposed to run the first Ragnar CO in July, but then they had to change it because the course closely mimicked Wild West Relay and it was too close (date wise) to the actual relay. My team couldn't do the rescheduled CO date, but its still on my list
    Be prepared for elevation change!


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