Three times

I worked out three times today so there has been a lot of this today

I also found this to put in our kitchen since this seems to happen quite often to both D and I and lord help us if it hits us at the same time.

The parents have been here visiting so much food has been consumed. We hit up Minnie's on my friend Kendra's suggestions and it was delicious. Southern home-cooked deep fried deliciousness. Do yourself a favor and try caramel cake. It is magic.

We started last Saturday off right by heading to Oktoberfest on base put on through MWR (or the Family Morale, Wellness and Recreation Program). It was very well done with a lot of activities for the kids.Since D and I are a kid free zone we were in it for the food. 
 You had me at freedom fries (they taste more patriotic than the french version)
 and ice cream. Cheesecake flavor to be exact. 
The last few days have been nothing but fun and eating (well and working out- trying to stick to Pilates and body pump and running- 5k training started!) Off to eat again. Mexican and margaritas, it is going to be a great night!


  1. I didn't know anyone still called them freedom fries! Sounds like a fun Oktoberfest :)

  2. I couldn't get past that first plate of food. Need to find a meat and three ASAP!

  3. Freedom Americans make me laugh :) They look like chips to me!!


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