Seven Bridges Marathon Failure

Today I should be on my way to here

to run the Seven Bridges marathon in Chattanooga Tennessee tomorrow. Instead I can not be more than a foot away from 

as I have a super awesome cold. Luckily Yo Momma (you are the best!) was able to find someone to use the entry I won so I don't feel like a total loser for taking someone's place at the race. Now I can sit around watching old seasons of Mobwives, doing shots of EmergenC without feeling like a total tool. 

I am bummed I got sick and won't get to do this race but there are worse things in life I guess. The real bummer is that I swam and did yoga all week in an attempt to recover from Chicago quickly and I think it worked. My legs feel great. Oh well. Once I kick this cold I am going to expand my workout horizons by swimming more, doing a body pump (weight lifting) class, yoga and Pilates along with running. My next race goal is the Winter Series which includes 3 5ks and 1 10k over the next four months with the Columbus RoadRunners. I am excited to run races that take less than four hours. Maybe even get a little speedier. 

Yay for winter racing!


  1. Bummer, girl!! I hope you are feeling better soon!!!

  2. You made the right call....your body must be pooped!! I ran a 5k today - such a nice change from a half-marathon. Half an hour and I was done for the day :) I want to do more now.

  3. I don't think it is a failure...
    Hope you feel better!


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