No Stranger Danger Here

When I got an email mentioning pizza, cupcakes, pastries and trail running I had an inkling we would be friends.

When I arrived and this was waiting for me
Gu instead of mints and a pile of running mags = cozy guest space for a runner
I felt pretty solid about the friendship thing.

But when we were trail running and she said "oh we should take a picture right here" and I knew exactly what she meant that pretty much sealed the deal
Local Bay area wildlife

So when an internet stranger invites you to come stay with them so you can run the Half Moon Bay Marathon the correct answer is yes. Okay well if Cathryn invites and you accept be prepared to have an awesome time!

This weekend was full of trail running


Fish & Chips= perfect pre-race fuel? Well it was delicious
 Exploring San Francisco, one of my favorite cities!

Hanging in Half Moon Bay

with my new friend Bart Yasso

Oh and we also visited two amazing running stores! And watched Spirit of the Marathon and Run Fat Boy Run.

I must say I love the whole My Heart's Content family. It was so much fun to nerd out about running! I can't wait to hang with them again!

Oh yeah and I ran a marathon....more to come on that!

Interested in a more well written synopsis of what happened- check out this amazing post 
 and then be jealous that I got to hang with her in real life- isn't she just fabulous!


  1. We loved you too. Come back soon. x

  2. What fun! Internet friends can turn out to be such close friends... don't you love it? I am so happy you had a fab time! Can't wait to hear about the marathon! Hope your back is doing better! :)

  3. I love San Francisco! I wanna visit the city again! :)
    I love the trails where you do your runs! :)


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