Feeling Lazy

Nothing like watching super fit soldiers navigate an obstacle course like it is no big deal to make you feel lazy. This morning I swung by to pick up two friends who are also Army wives and headed to the obstacle course to watch training. This is one of the few times we get to see what they do so it was pretty exciting. 

There is no freakin way. Besides having useless arms I am afraid of heights, especially heights that could easily result in me falling from five stories high.

 You know it is a rough day at the office when there is an ambulance standing by. 

After watching for two hours we were just exhausted so we left the men to it and went to meet other wives for breakfast. After that it was off to accompany my friend to the doctor's office and then ice cream. Had to keep our stamina up. 

FYI: Sam's club is letting active and retired military members shop without a membership while the commissary is shut down due to the government shut down. So if you are the market for six tubes of toothpaste, 52 sticks of deodorant and enough t.p. to cover the post and want to give them your entire paycheck stop by. What is it about bulk shopping that just makes everything seem more fun and essential.


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