Chicago Marathon Part Two

After a 5 a.m. wake-up and bagel breakfast I got curb side service down to the race. Thanks Christine! The start area was fenced off due to increased security. If you had a bag to check it took awhile to get in due to bag inspections but I only had a little belt with my cell phone so I could walk right in. After cycling through the loo line a few times I got in my corral, corral F, and stood around freaking out- "I am at the Chicago marathon!!! There are so many people!!!! I hope I don't get trampled."

Look at these guys on the left hand side- photo skills at their best.
The race got underway for Wave 2 at 8 a.m. and I was through the start line by 8:02. I took off too fast and ran probably too hard for the first half. But it was just so amazing I couldn't help myself. The whole course was so amazing. Every neighborhood had its own style. Amazing buildings and landmarks. So many people cheering. It was a bit overwhelming at times. 

Things that you don't notice with a few hundred people at a marathon stand out with 40,000. Sticky shoes from the amount of Gatorade on the ground. Getting splashed and hit with cups (accidentally) due to sheer numbers. The inability to finish as strong as you want because there is just so many people walking, running, everywhere. What was overwhelming was also so empowering. The fact that almost the entire course was lined with people cheering was a great motivator to keep moving. If you want basically a mirror of all my thoughts during the race (wow there are a lot of people peeing in this tunnel, love the cheerleaders in Boystown) check out this fantastic post.

All that excitement got me a PR with a finish time of 4:44:57

 I hit stop on my Garmin when I hit 26.2. But with all my weaving and inability to get anywhere close to running an efficient course I still had a way to go before hitting the finish.
 I saw these lovely ladies at Mile 19 and it totally pumped me up. I couldn't believe I actually saw them. With so many people I figured I might miss them but luckily they are cheer pros and spotted me. After hitting the finish you had to keep walking forever which is tough when the one thing my brain can focus on is wanting to sit down. After walking FOREVER I finally made it to the VIP tent for Bank of America members and military. Thanks D for being awesome and in the Army so I can cash in on convenience. This fenced area (you needed a special bracelet to get in) made it easy for me to find my family and had extra snacks. Win!!! After icing and snacking we walked back to the L to head home to Oak Park.

 This race was amazing. Well run and very inspiring. If you get the chance to run this do it! After showering and resting I stuffed my face with pizza and then went to bed. This race really wore me out. The next day I headed home but had to get one last souvenir.

Though I had a great time I was super excited to get home to D and Max. Love my boys! You know your husband is a keeper when he suggests hanging up the space blanket thingy on the wall because you think it is cool.

What a fantastic weekend! Thanks mom, Christine and Peter for making it extra special!!!!

Oh and Max wanted you all to know he is super excited about Halloween.


  1. So flipping excited for you about your PR. Congratulations! And the Dude particularly loved Max's Halloween costume.

  2. That is so exciting-- congrats again! PS Love your dog's costume. Seriously, if I could get Tals to wear that, I totally would!

  3. Aww, I am so happy you loved the race! And congrats on the PR! The space blanket looks great, hung up. Max is too cute, lol!

  4. Congrats on your amazing race and your PR!!!! I've heard good things about the Chicago Marathon. After reading about how the crowds pulled you through, I'm worried about the lack of crowd support at the Phoenix Marathon in March. Eeek!!


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