Shopping Ninja

You know when you go to the mall with the intention of returning an item and then end up in a situation like this 
One dress returned, three new items obtained
But look at this
Bam two belts for $5= shopping ninja

I also got some new running socks to try. I usually only like Balega hidden comfort socks to grace these toes but am trying to expand my horizons to cheaper socks.

The real reason for visiting the mall was to return a dress I bought for the Army formal I am going to at D's graduation. That is right! PROM FOR ADULTS! I am so excited! With the help of my Mom and Sister I found this beauty to wear.

I get to wear pretty things.

Now to get it to Georgia with out crushing it to death in a box while moving. 


  1. Love the dress! Can you buckle it into the passenger seat on the ride down?:)

    Also, I am the worst at buying more than I returned. Especially if that return is at Target!

  2. Fancy!!! I miss opportunities to dress up and look nice.

  3. That new dress is so pretty!

    I recently got new running socks - same version of old ones I have, and it's so nice to have cushioney, new socks!


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