On the road

Hello from Manchester Tennessee! Home of 
 Or at least home of a Waffle House. I am currently staying in the tiniest room I have ever seen 
So heads up- when you book at a Microtel it is micro. I am super slow apparently. Didn't pick up on that. But it works great except for the fact that part of the reason I booked the room was for the fitness center which is currently Out of Order and locked down. I am just taking that as a sign from the gods that I should chill and watch HGTV all night. At least I walked to dinner at Subway- not waffle house, and lifted weights before I hit the road. It is a hard life I lead.

Nailing the cross training lately. This is like day three of no cardio beyond walking. Need to get back at it, can feel those marathons breathing down my neck. 

Excited for tomorrow! Fingers crossed I find an awesome new place to call home!!


  1. Ha...I'm guessing you've never been to Europe if you think this is small :) Looks nice though! Good luck with the rest of the road trip and the new home...try and enjoy it, although it can be a bit stressful!!! xxx


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