Dealing with bad news

It has been 20 something days since I have been for a run. It feels like foreverrrrrr (when you read this, read it with the whiniest voice you can think of because that is how I feel). Instead I have been forced to bike, elliptical, and pool run. And by forced I mean the fear of the two upcoming marathons and instantly gaining 45 pounds back keeps me motivated. I know, I know, the 45 pound fear is a bit ridiculous but I think we all have similar thoughts when our main activity for keeping fit is forbidden. And the marathon fear is real. But besides feeling like every runner I see (and now I see them everywhere) is mocking me I have handled it surprisingly well.

Probably helps that I have been busy planning a move (do I have to relinquish my Chicago Blogger status immediately after I cross the state line or can I keep it for a few weeks and ease into the new location?), looking for a new place to live and working up a storm to finish some projects I have going there. Here are some other tips that I think helped me deal with bad news of no running for a few weeks.

  • If you know it is coming prepare yourself. Most of us know that if it is bad enough to see a doctor then we probably shouldn't be running but we all go into the doctor's office hoping for some sort of miracle treatment that will get us right back on the road. Go into the doctor's office looking for a solution to the problem not a miracle. And try not to cry. That just gets awkward.
  • Plan ahead before you even see the doctor. I had a pretty good feeling that the doctor was going to say stop running for a few weeks before I even met her. Prior to my appointment I looked up local gyms that offered a discount through my work. I found the closest ones and made a plan to go see them right after my doctor's appointment and get a membership if necessary. I also located a place to buy an aqua jogging belt and read up on the best way to cross train if unable to run. For the most part biking, aqua jogging, swimming and the elliptical seem to be the winners.  
This totally counts as cross training
  • Be realistic about race goals. Before seeing the Doctor I decided that the most important thing for me was to be able to run and complete my fall marathons if possible. I threw out the time goals and decided that I still wanted to do the marathons even if I was not able to prepare for them the way I had expected too. While I have done fairly well at cross training it is not running. My fitness will not be the same when I get back at it and that is okay. I just want to go and complete the marathons and enjoy myself. 
  • See it as an opportunity. Rest, even when required due to an injury, is a way to let your body and heal and catch up on the rest of your life. It is a time to try a new workout (injury recovery approved of course) or work on some weaknesses. I have been focused on gaining strength and am actually starting to like lifting weights. Who'd have thought that would ever happen. Not me.
  • Know that you will not be back at square zero. Even though it feels like you will be starting all over you won't be. Some fitness will still be there but more importantly you know what you are capable of. When we first start running there is the doubt we may not be able to do this. But once you are no longer a new runner you know that you can do the 5k, half or marathon.There is strength and endurance hidden in that knowledge and that will help you get back to where you were even faster.
I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous about how these fall marathons are going to go. But all I can do is control the controllables. I don't think controllables is a word but I just made it one. All I can do is continue to let myself heal, put the effort in for cross training and not worry about it.

Wish me luck I am of to Georgia to find us a place to live. But more importantly check out the local running store Big Dog Running Company which seems to have an awesome schedule of group runs and races they put on. Hello Big Dog Running Company we are about to be best friends.


  1. Yes! Focus on the new running store, not home! LOL! :)

    Great post and list. Honestly, every time I have been injured (stress fractures) I haven't worked out. The fact that you are cross training so much is very impressive to me! :)


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