Stripping Down on the Trail

I have run 51 miles this week. Holy crap. No wonder I am tired. This Hanson program really sticks it to you with high mileage. And the fact that this is the first week in a while I was able to do all the workouts is probably what resulted in a three hour nap yesterday. That amount of napping really eats into your day especially when it goes nap, wake up eat dinner, go to bed. Or maybe that is just the perfect Saturday.

14 of this weeks miles were on the Des Plaines River trail this morning. I suited up in my favorite running skirt, shoes and hydration pack for what I imagined would be a super sweat fest. I was not wrong. So putting ice cubes and ice water in your hydration pack is the best thing ever. Keeps you cooler longer and is just so much more refreshing then warm water. I am slow to catch on.

For once being unable to get up and get moving with any sort of speed paid off. The trail doesn't open until 6:30 so when I rolled up at 6:22 there was some waiting involved until the park ranger opened the gate but less than if I had been on top of it and gotten there at 6. I should really look into these things before I just show up.

 It was a beautiful but warm morning. This river trail goes on many, many miles and has restrooms along the way so is a really great long run training spot.
 The one thing that really kept me going was the swarm of mosquitoes waiting for breakfast. I couldn't stop at all without those suckers trying to feast. Sunscreen check, bug spray fail. Next time a strong coating of bug spray is happening.
 I saw a few runners and bikers on the trail but overall it was a lovely and peaceful way to start Sunday morning. Until around mile 9.5 when some male runners went by without their shirts on and then all I could focus on was how wonderful it would feel to take my completely sweat soaked shirt off too. It became this obsessive thing in my mind. Ahhhh get this clammy thing off me I am suffocating. So at mile 10 I stripped down to my sports bra which is way unusual for me. Just last weekend I was all judgey about how all people should keep a shirt on even when exercising because going shirtless freaks me out. Apparently sweating out three pounds of sweat onto your shirt and being super hot is a legitimate reason to take your shirt off. I wasn't even a little bit self conscious of not looking like a super model. I did not care. I was melting. Deal with it society- avert your eyes if you must but this runner chick is exposing her belly to the world.
 I was only a little worried that I would blind some poor unsuspecting runner or biker who came towards me around the corner or accidentally signal a plane to land since I can count the number of times on one hand my stomach has seen the light of day. Fortunately no one was injured by my inability to keep my clothes on.
Overall this run went great. I finished in 2:26 and some change. A little on the slow side but not bad for the heat. My left foot, calf, tendon crisis started to act up for a bit but it seemed to dissipate when other parts of my body started to get sore. Excited to see the Doctor on Wednesday and hopeful she won't just say - stop running. Give me some rehab exercises or stretches doc. Please.

Oh and Happy Anniversary to the hubs. Seven years and still going strong. Thanks for being my biggest fan D and for putting up with all the running crazy- you are the best!

How were your weekend runs?
Good but sweaty
Thoughts on going shirtless?
I have never been a fan but my be converted after today


  1. Congrats on a great long run! And good for you on going shirtless :) I'm not super into doing it myself because I don't have the guts, but it's definitely happened a handful of times when I just didn't care!

    1. Yes I think it takes extreme conditions for me to strip down.:)

  2. Happy anniversary!!!!
    My weekend run was good until..well, you know what happened. I am not a fan of shirtless but it might be because I can't go shirtless? I don't know. Sometimes I just want to scream out to dudes, "Put your shirt on, ain't nobody wanna see that!" LOL I did order my first running tank because I'm annoyed by sleeves so maybe this is my first step to becoming shirtless??

    1. Tank top is the gateway shirt to no shirt. So sorry to hear about your shin splints. They are seriously the worst. Hope you are feeling 100% soon!

  3. Happy Anniversary!

    Ahh! I love the DPRT! And you started all the way north?! Do you live up north? I didn't think so, for some reason. ;)

    And go shirtless! Ahh! Who cares! I think anyone should if it makes them more comfortable. And yeah, people can look away if they want :)

    Are you all healed now? :)

    1. Yep I live a stone's throw away from Wisconsin- can I still be a Chicago blogger? I am on the right side of the state line at least. I am not all healed- actually feeling a bit worse today so laying low till I see the Doc and trying not to be super dramatic about in progress.

    2. Aww schweet, we gotta meet up! I am in Round Lake. Another blogger I read is in Beach Park! :) You should come check out our running club in Grayslake ;) Hee hee hee.

      I hope you feel better soon!!!

    3. HA!! I just landed here after seeing your comment on Kim's blog! We live super close - let's meet for a run after you are feeling better...and I hope that's SOON!

    4. I am super excited to know you are around! Yes a have to take four weeks off but hopefully after that we can meet up for a run!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Nothing like being eaten alive as motivation to run faster! Get your hanson on! By Friday I am ready to fall asleep by 7pm lol

    1. Yeah Hanson is a beast....not so sure I can hang..we will see. Sure like trying:).

  5. Cute cute wedding photo! Belated happy anniversary!

    The only places I've run in a sports bra is on the trail and it's been lovely. SO much cooler with my belly hanging out!! I'm not brave enough to do it in a more public place, but it's lovely on the trails. Well done for getting your miles in!


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