Recipe for a Perfect Vacation

The key to any great vacation is to make sure you surround yourself with awesome people.

Take time to smell the roses.

If you have time, this is best done in a rose garden.

Find the beauty in art 

 And take frequent breaks to enjoy it

 Make new friends

Take in the natural beauty of the area 

Oh and get in a few runs of course. While in Minneapolis besides my 30th half marathon I was able to get in two runs around the beautiful lakes in the area and net a total of 28 miles last week which is more than I have run in awhile. My ankle/foot situation is feeling the same but running doesn't seem to bother it any more than it is bothered so I am going to run until I see the doctor next Wednesday because I am a runner and we are crazy. The good news is I feel back on track for marathon training doing a speed workout Tuesday and a tempo run this morning. Whoop!


  1. Glad to hear your foot is at least holding steady! Hopefully there is recovery in the near future!

    Great pictures!! Hanson on!

  2. I love your pictures but the pictures of the trees are my favorite. Maybe because we don't have epic, old trees here in the desert! LOL Runners are crazy, I will agree with you on that.


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