Breaking all the Rules

This past week I am been focusing on recovery and reading the Hansons Marathon Method Book. After running 19 miles this week I got the section that says do not run for two weeks after the marathon to fully recover.  I waited three days. Now I am second guessing myself- thinking I have messed up royally. Oh god I have killed my legs. So now because this book has freaked me out I am going to take it easy for another week. Maybe stick to walking and biking. A break is always a good thing. Hopefully keep me injury free.

Which is a good thing because I have another marathon to run...... on Sunday. I broke another Hanson rule- signed up for another marathon while hyped up on endorphins and Gu. I am running

Originally I was going to do the half but I couldn't resist the lure of trying 26.2 again. This time I want to work on pacing the first half (there are supposed to be pacers to there- general plan is to stick to the 10 min pacer for as long as possible) and staying strong the second half. Running this is doing two things:
1) I am viewing this more as a training run then a race- an opportunity to figure out how to run this distance smarter and
2) An opportunity to see if I can run two marathons within two weeks because.....I also want to do this in the Fall. This is already registered for
and I can't wait. But two weeks before I have the opportunity to go visit Cathryn over at My Heart's Content  and run the Half Moon Bay International Marathon. Which uh yes please. Get to hang with one of my favorite bloggers and run a marathon on my bucket list = perfection!

You may be picking up on that I liked the marathon distance. And while I would like to eventually get faster at both the half marathon and marathon distance currently I am content running and completing these races. I think if I was serious about PRs or Boston qualifying times running back to back marathons is probably not the way to go. But if you are serious about experiencing different courses and size races and collecting medals this is the way to go....I don't know I will let you know after Sunday.

Ever run back to back marathons?
How do you recover from racing?


  1. Wow! that is a chore! As long as you follow what you said and do it to complete them and experience, rather than time, it shouldn't be as bad! But definitely rest up for Hanson!

  2. Wow. I can't believe how much you like the marathon distance now! You are a rock star! If anyone can do it, it's you!

  3. i think as long as your not pushing your limits in each race, its find to go back to back marathons (what do i know i've never ran a full hehe) There is a time and a place for PRs and if your goal is to have fun and enjoy the scenery, you'll be fabulous :)

  4. You are a marathon beast!!! But I am SO excited you're coming to California!! Let me know when you book your flights...come a few days earlier and we can run some trails together!


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