Kona Kase Review

One of the sweet perks of being a Sweat Pink Ambassador is that we get connected with awesome fitness products. One of these awesome products is Kona Kase. For $15 a month you can have delicious food in a box show up at your door. I was skeptical at first- I mean endurance food doesn't always elicit excitement from me. But when this sweet orange box showed up at my door I was pretty excited. Partly because I like getting packages in the mail. Even better if they hold food.
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 My box held Wild Friend Nut Butter, TCHO craft chocolate, Suncups chocolate cups (can you guess what I tried first- the starts with 'choco' ends with 'late', Clif shot blocks, Clif Bar granola bar, Earnest eats bar, Perfect food bar, and a Brubar.

I ate the chocolate for dessert. The cliff shots are being reserved for next weekends long run. I love having granola bars in my desk for afternoon snacks so excited to try some new bars.

The box has a card that lays out what each product is and provides website information if you want to purchase more and a coupon code for each product.

I am pretty excited about this product and plan on signing up for a six month trial. I am excited to try new products and even more excited that they are going to show up at my door like a gift from the healthy food fairy. I am excited to have some new eats at home, on runs and at work. 

If you are interested in trying Kona Kase they are offering my readers 50% off the first Kase. Just enter the discount code JustPlodding at checkout. 

Any one else interested in getting deliciousness in the mail?
I love getting things in the mail, if I can eat them, even better


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