Month in Review: February

Miles run:121.6 which is pretty dang good considering February (anyone else misspell February every single time) 28 days in it.

Half marathons done: 0 but March O'Madness half in two weeks. Super excited and hopeful that no snow will be on the ground.

Obtainment of green shirt and shamrock headband for race: check
Inability to buy just one running head band at a time: check

Cross training: so bad.
I was being so good about yoga and strength and now it is all run, run, run with a side of sit-ups and push-ups. I have been good at doing my hip exercises but I need to step up my game and get back to yoga. It gets harder as my mid-week runs get longer and time seems to disappear into a black hole (aka facebook, instagram and the internet in general- oh and I work, yes that happens too).

Money spent on races: too dang much
Time to reel it in on that. I have one more race to register for to complete my thirty before thirty and then it is hiatus time for awhile. I love doing half marathons but it gets expensive. I need to pick one or two (okay maybe three or four) a year to focus on. I would also like to do some shorter distances and see how that goes.....$$$$. Okay so maybe I need to set a yearly limit on races to run. I am just so bad at race moderation.

Relationship with Treadmill: Rocky
I was doing so good telling myself running on the treadmill is fun and good blah, blah, blah. I hate it and want to go outside except there is one million feet of snow (I measured it), it is cold and windy....sometimes and I am a big baby and stay in my climate controlled running cocoon. This runner is ready for spring. But in contrast I did set a PR during my tempo run on the treadmill this morning so that is a win I guess.

Well I am off to Kentucky for the weekend where I hope some outside running occurs. Happy weekend everyone.

Anyone have exciting weekend plans or racing?


  1. Wouldn't be awesome if races were cheaper?! I only have 1 this spring and 3 in the fall and it's hard not to sign up for more! Have a great weekend in Kentucky :)

  2. I love the shamrock headband! I am trying to outfit myself for a St. Patrick's Day run, too. That is super cute.

    I'm totally with you on time disappearing into a black hole. I never feel like I accomplish anything, but I feel like I'm constantly doing something, but not fitting everything in either ... gah!

  3. I am very impressed by your mileage. You blew me out the water! I also did a treadmill run this morning as I had to run at 6am when it was dark. Golly it's hard work and SOOOO dull. But I know if I lived near you I'd be treadmilling all the time. (Except that we could run together and motivate each other). So generally awestruckness at your mileage and treadmillness!!

  4. KY!! We love that place. That's where Amory is from. Which city will you be in?

    I also need to chill out on race entries. Every time I turn around, I want to do more. It's just so nice to have drinks and food provided for you on long runs. And company. And a medal. Heck, I love everything about it.

    1. I was in Monticello visiting my Grandma. I know racing is so fun. I would do it every weekend if I could!

  5. Wow, 121 miles in February and you live where there's actual snow on the ground. I really struggled with mileage in February because the cold made me want to stay under my blankets! I have an action plan for this week though!


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