I wore compression socks to work on Wednesday after my progression run. I feel there was a line somewhere that I that happened.

This weekend- Sunday to be exact- 20 mile run.
Also on Sunday
This is my first attempt at half marathon/ long training run combo awesomeness. 
General plan of attack: 
Saturday pack a bag of crap that will include a lot of snacks and clothing
Sunday wake up early, drive an hour to where the race is held (which is actually only around 30 miles away but for some reason Illinois seems to lack any sort of highway system with speed limit signs that are over 40 miles an hour). Pick up race packet at 6:30 a.m. Deposit race stuff back to car (which will be conveniently located next to the race start because I, like usual, will probably be the first one there) and head out on my 7 mile 'warm up run' (note to self- bring flash light, thanks daylight savings). Run 7 miles. Return to car. Eat snack, drink something, possibly change shirt if get warm enough to work up a sweat. Adjust awesome shamrock headband. Head to start and take off at 8:30 for the half. Easy peasy. 

I am only slightly nervous about the fact that looking at last year results- it seems the majority of people finished in under 2 hours on a course that is labeled most challenging in Northern Illinois.  I can only assume this means hills. Or we are running through bubble gum a la Biggest Loser
 Hills, probably hills. 

Race goals: 
  • Run 20 miles- this is supposed to be a fun training run (my coworker pointed out my definition of fun is slightly warped. To each their own).
  • Try to hold a steady effort for the half- I don't expect anything magical to happen, there has been no taper and a seven mile warm up is a bit much but I know I can put out a solid effort.
  • Try not to finish last but don't kill yourself. This is a runners run. People appear to compete for real at this run (wait you all just aren't here for the shiny medal and a beer?) but I don't want to get caught up in trying to go out too fast and then have to walk run to finish or injure myself.
  • Have fun- first half marathon of the year/ first half marathon since Nov. I am gonna nerd out and soak up the running awesome. 
Half #26 here I come!


  1. That is so exciting - first half marathon of the year. It's gotta be weird having your race schedule flip/flop after moving to the midwest. We're getting ready to lock up our race season here in Phoenix...won't really start up again until October/November.

  2. Woo-hoo for St. Patrick's Day half marathons! I'm running one, too. I'm not running running 7 miles before it, though. You are going to rock those 20 miles!

  3. I really admire you for running 7 miles before a half! Good luck and I hope you have a great time. Oh and enjoy the medal and beer :)

  4. This is going to be brilliant, you'll love it. You're as kickass as Katniss! It's a training run with a medal - we all love those. Can't wait to read about it on Monday...good luck!!!!

    Think about how much you can eat for the rest of the day!!


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