Hop to it

Saturday I get to do this run
and obtain this
and I am so freakin excited because at the end there is an Easter Egg hunt for adults with fun prizes like a GPS watch and other running gear. 

I am wavering between trying to get it together and maybe try and PR or just chillax and do my planned 15 mile training run, obtain medal and egg hunt- no worries, be happy man.

On Wednesday I felt a weird pain in my left leg so cut my run short, skipped my planned evening run and have taken today off and am iffy on tomorrow. It feels better so I will probably give running a go and see what happens. A few hip stretches and exercises and my leg feels fine but was a definite reminder that I have been slacking in the cross training and hip strengthening department and need to get my butt in gear. 

Any big plans for this weekend?
Happy Easter!


  1. That medal is sweeeeet! I have a wedding to attend this weekend... other than that hoping for a nice outdoor not freezing ass cold run on Sunday.

  2. That medal is adorable and the Easter Egg hunt sounds like so much fun :) You've been working really hard lately so there is no harm in just enjoying this race, especially if you're feeling pain, taking it "easy" might be the best bet!

  3. That sounds like so much fun!! LOVE the idea of a running themed egg hunt! Like JOC said above, if you've had some niggles, I wouldn't push the pace this weekend...the marathon is too big a deal to risk!!!!

    Happy Easter back at you!

  4. Love the medal. I did an easter half a few yes ago for my SC state and it ended up measuring 12.74...still need a redemption Easter half!

  5. Uhh..I commented yesterday and now my comment is gone??? WTH!! Any way, yesterday I said that I love the medal and am half tempted to sign up for this race just to get the bling...and crash on your couch!


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