One of the lucky ones

Today I was super productive and this happened

So happy that I got registered

So confused why the entire experience was super difficult and stressful and how the entire registration process is shut down with 15,000 slots left until further notice because couldn't handle it

Isn't this one of the largest marathons in the world in a world class city? I am confused. Where they just unprepared for the demand? 

I may be new to this whole marathon scene but I am pretty sure this is one of the big ones.

For those of you still waiting, I hope you can register soon!

And since I have to get up progressively earlier to run my progressively longer runs for Wisconsin marathon training this is my life now:


  1. Woo-hoo! SO exciting! This almost makes me want to sign up for a marathon ... almost.

  2. I feel so sorry for all the people who couldn't register! Glad you got in :) Oh, and I can totally relate to that ecard!

  3. I was thankful for the drama, it gave me something to read about on Facebook.

    Congrats on getting in, I hope to run that someday, but not in 2013!

  4. Ugh. What a day. It was so stressful trying to get in... so glad I did though! Woohoo, we're running Chicago!!

    1. Yay!!!! So happy you got in! It is going to be an amazing time!!

  5. excited for you!!!

  6. Congrats on getting in again! So excited for you to run that motha!


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