I Broke Myself

Okay not really but I am so sore.
Yesterday I felt really good when I started my 7 mile hill workout on the treadmill. So I pushed the pace and the hills. Not the brightest idea. I got a fantastic workout in but then all day felt off. Was kind of oddly sweaty for the single digit temps around here and my calf muscles are letting their displeasure be known.

Looking back at the last few run I have pushed it on all of them. It is exciting to see myself getting a little bit faster but in doing this am ignoring the goal I had of keeping easy runs easy. Easy runs are just as important as any sort of strength or speed run and yet I ignore myself and the scientific advice of those way smarter than me when I ignore the 'easy runs stay easy' motto.

So listen up self- Friday is a tempo run so feel free to bust your butt if you can move by tomorrow but Sat and Sunday, nothing faster than a 10 min/ mile pace.

And because it is funny
Mine really sob during treadmill runs

Does anyone else have a problem with keeping easy runs easy?


  1. Sometimes I find it easier to run faster than to run slower, but I did an easy run the other day cause my legs were toast and it felt so good!


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