Weekly Training Review

Well so far so good. This year's training is going well. All six days of it.

Monday - Rest day
Tuesday 3 miles in 31:22 and strength training
Wednesday 3 hilly miles in 31:30
Thursday - rest day with a side of yoga and abs
Friday 5 miles in 50:05 and strength training
Saturday 3 easy miles in 30:12
Sunday 8 long slow distance miles on the treadmill in 1:22:30 followed by an hour of yoga

Bam all runs in plus cross training.
Round of applause please

Okay okay I realize it has only been a week into the year. But I like to celebrate every little accomplishment.

I found this sweet training paces site to calculate how fast I should be running my runs. Trying to train smarter. These are the paces I should be hitting if I want to run a 1:54 half. Seems reasonable.

Easy Run
10:00 per mile
Tempo Run
8:21 per mile
Maximum Oxygen
7:32 per mile
Speed Form
6:58 per mile
Long Run
10:00 - 11:16 per mile
Yasso 800s
3:52 per 800 meters

 Why 1:54- uh I don't know but since my easy runs have been about the 10min/mile range it seemed like a good jumping off point for training. 

How is your year going so far?


  1. You really did have a great week, good job :)!

    1. Thank you! Nothing like the New Year to find more motivation.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! My big goal is to keep the yoga and strength training going.

  3. Great job on getting in all those work outs!! I'm impressed.


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