Training- It is happening

I feel really good about my training last week. Here is what happened:
Monday- Rest
Tuesday- 3 miles in 30:14 and half hour of yoga
Wednesday- 6 miles in 59 minutes plus strength training. Squats, lunges and my useless arms tried to lift a weight
Thursday- Rest with half hour of yoga
Friday- 6 miles in 59 minutes
Saturday- (schedule switch due to weather) 9 miles on trails in 1:33:12
Sunday- 3 miles in 30:12/ hour of yoga

My shins are feeling a bit tender so I have been icing more than usual which means actually icing because there is nothing harder than icing when it is cold outside. Well taking an ice bath would be harder but that is not even an option. No thank you. I am thinking it may have something to do with so much time on the treadmill. I have also been doing hip exercises after every run and my hips have been feeling good. This coming week I have an 11 mile LSD on the schedule. Little nervous about that. 9 seemed super hard. Adding two more miles onto that. Ahhhhhh.

I want to start adding some more core work and maybe push-ups (the girly on your knee kind for now) to my routine. I noticed that my core is still the first thing to get tired during long runs and I don't want to be the Quasimodo of long runs any more. Need to keep it up right.

How did your training go last week?


  1. Great week! I do girly push ups too:( They just feel more comfortable to me, but I know I would get stronger if I did the real ones:) You will rock your 11 miler. If you can do 9, you can do 11 for sure:)

    1. Thanks for your vote of confidence. I will keep it in mind this weekend. And your comment reminded me that I need to do some push-ups and sit-ups tonight:).

  2. Wow! Amazing week of training! I definitely need to get on my core situation, too. I hate the Quasimodo look, which I see in pictures of myself. Yuck.

  3. Yeah..I'm totally not in to ice baths so I can't fault you on that one!!


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