Trail running conundrum

This weekend I had to switch my runs around. On the schedule: 3 miles for Sat/ 9 for Sun. Actual: 9 miles Sat and 3 miles Sun. Due to weather- Saturday a balmy 46 degrees. Sunday- 18 degrees.

Is it just me or does switching your running schedule kind of bug you?
I did it to avoid another 9 mile mental test on the treadmill but after a six mile run on Friday this 9 miler was tough. But the good thing was I headed to the Forest Preserve to run on the trails.

I love running on trails. Being outside and running along the river is a lot of fun. Even when it is cold, windy and slightly frozen it is still fun. The only thing that is a bit frustrating is that I have to slow down a bit. For some reason this frustrates me. I know that running on trails is harder and yet I still want to go at the same speed. I need to learn how to relax a little bit.

Trail evidence
The best part about the weekend trail exploration is the fact that I have found the perfect place for my long runs for marathon training. The trail goes on for miles and there are bathrooms every few miles. Big win! Plus it is pretty and there are park benches along the way in case I need to put my feet up and nap half way through a 20 miler.

Do you like running trails?
Do you have a favorite long run location?


  1. It is so hard to let go of pace on the trails. I've still been bringing my watch with me on trails just so I can look at elevation afterwards. Half the time the distance is wrong anyway because I get awful signal because of the trees. Basically, I've trained myself to not pay attention to my watch when I'm on the trails. It just drives me too crazy.

    And very lucky that you have toilets and benches on your trails! Nothing like that around here.

  2. Once I build my base up again I want to start trail running again. I agree with you, mentally tough to remind ourselves that pace will be slower on trails as opposed to road

  3. I did trail running for the first time last summer and I loved it. Yes, it does make you slower but remember it's also making you stronger!

  4. Trail running scares me! I've done it twice: once, I fell down; the second time, I thought I'd fall down. I like the idea, but I wonder if I'm too clumsy for it.

    1. I am also very clumsy. The trails I run on are very mild and only have rolling hills. I am sure when I hit trails that are a little more complex I will fall off a mountain or something.


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