Tough runs

This weekends runs were less than perfect but at least I got to be outside.

Saturday was an easy three that got more complicated when I gained a buddy. A stray dog that at first I thought was trying to run up and nip at me was actually just wanting to be my friend. The dog ran with me all 2.5 miles and then tried to come home with me. After calling the PD and the vet, taking the dog to the vet to get chip scanned and coming up empty I had to relinquish the dog over to the community service officer. I felt so bad handing it over but with two dogs of my own I couldn't keep it at our house. I hope her people found her.

Sunday the weather was not horrible but not great. It was 25 degrees out and cloudy so I went for it. The plan was to run a mile on the road and then hit the bike trail which is snowy so I needed to bring my yak traks with me. Well I got to the bike path and guess what was not in my hand- the yak traks. Epic fail.

I decided to just go with it. 9 miles on the snow and ice. IT WAS SO HARD. Around mile 8 the cold began to seep in and my quads had turned into a ball of anger. Apparently running through snow and ice is harder than running on a nice clear road. But the last mile I pulled a 10:13 mile. This may have been motivated by the icy balls of moisture stingy my face. Glad I left when I did. The weather turned worse once I got home. I can't run in the snow, I might melt.

The rest of the day I spent like this:
but to be fair I spend most days like this.

Any one else get hangry?


  1. I spend every Saturday hangry because I'm so hungry but too sore/tired/never want to move again to get up and cook. It's a weird limbo.

  2. Yes, I'm hangry often, unfortunately ... especially after long runs.

  3. Aw, I'm glad you tried to help the dog find it's home. I totally get hangry, and it makes me even more impatient than I am naturally so it is not pretty!

  4. Definitely hangry after a long run!! I just want to lay there and be serviced all day :)

  5. Seriously impressed by the long snow run and the bitter temperatures! You're badass!!! I get hangry often!!

    Go back and get the dog ;) You know you want to.


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