Big Adventures & Training

This weekend we got to take the family on a big adventure to the big city. We rode the train into the city. After and hour and a half and 22 stops

we arrived in the Windy City. 

 We hit some key spots
 Magnificent Mile

 Ghirardelli Chocolate Shop

 Millennium Park
 We of course had to stop at the Bean
 We walked by the Bank of America Theater where The Book of Mormon is playing. I want to see it so bad but it is sooooooooooo expensive for tickets. Well maybe if I win the lotto.

Overall a super fun day. We walked so many miles. We also stopped for deep dish pizza for refueling.

This week I did really well sticking to my training plan even with family visiting. Not gonna lie when I hit the treadmill for my 9 mile LSD on the treadmill (due to iced over roads) it took all my will power not to jump off after 3 miles to go have fun with the family. But I stuck with and am glad I did because it was one of the toughest runs yet. First four miles changing the incline and the last five speeding it up. Killer but I did it and I am increasingly confident in my ability to train harder.

Workouts this past week:
Mon- Rest day
Tuesday- 3 miles easy  30:05/ yoga
Wednesday- 5 miles hills in 50:28
Thursday- Rest day/ yoga
Friday- 5 miles easy 48:00/ strength
Saturday- 3 miles easy in 31 minutes
Sunday- 9 miles in 1:28:38
22 treadmill miles/ 3 glorious outside miles in a t-shirt and capris due to glorious weather on Saturday morning. Too bad it didn't stay that way.


  1. I love taking the train. So fun. And good for you for sticking to the run even with family in town!!!

    1. Thanks! Sometimes not jumping off the treadmill really takes all my willpower.

  2. That's great you can take a family day trip to a big city! I'm hooooorrrrrible about running with family around, so awesome job!

  3. Great job getting that run in with family visiting! I'm absolutely horrible about that. And, 9 miles on the treadmill?!? You seriously rock!

  4. Wonderful photos! And kudos to you for running on the TM for 9 miles. I'm struggling with short runs on it lately :)

    1. I definitely had to work up to it. Pretty sure I have learned how to turn my brain off. That is the only explanation:)

  5. I love seeing that yoga in there. It reminds me that I should totally be doing that. And living by Chicago has got to be amazing for when your family comes into town. You instantly have hundreds of things to do. And a surprising amount of inexpensive stuff too.

  6. I am in awe of the treadmill running, that shows such discipline. And I desperately want to come to Chicago...the bean looks amazing!!! I thought you'd have snow though!!

    1. We have no had hardly any snow. I had big plans to go snowshoeing this winter but that is not going to happen at this rate. I shouldn't complain though, I guess most years there is lots of snow. You should come visit! That would be so much fun!


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