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One of my favorite presents I got this year is my Believe I Am Journal.

Not only does it have space to keep track of runs and races but also has sections to help you figure out what your goals are for the year and what you want to get out of training.

 It also encourages a more well rounded approach and encourages laying out goals in other areas of your life. Apparently I am supposed to have a life outside of running..... Huh.

Aside from realizing that perhaps I need a hobby besides running, writing in this journal has made me realize I want two things from my running:
1) I want to get faster- long term big, BIG, dream: I want a BQ and then want to get into Boston and run Boston.
2) I want to get better at long runs, more comfortable with distances beyond 13.1. Big, BIG dream: do an ultra

Obviously these are tied together. There can be no BQ without running marathons and marathons are long, ultras even longer. Along with the faster part and aside from BQing I want to get faster at the half distance.

With those goals in mind this year will be focused on getting comfortable. Comfortable with the discomfort of pushing harder and going faster and pushing harder and going farther.

What big goals/ dreams are you focused on this year?
How do you keep track of your running goals/ mileage?


  1. Those are some impressive goals! That's awesome. I know you'll rock them.

    My next goal is a half marathon time in the 2:2Xs. Eventually, I'd like an under-30 5K. I'm trying to be better this year about using Daily Mile to track my mileage.

  2. I love your journal!! I'm totally on board with watching you go for a BQ. Although I would love to BQ and run Boston, I don't really want to run a marathon see the problem there, right? :-)

  3. I use runkeeper to track my mileage for our 1200 mile club with our local track club. Otherwise, I'm not sure I would have added up my total miles for the year. Now I wonder what it was for the previous year.

    I was so nervous about my first 50K until I ran with a friend the other day. We took it very slowly, and it gave me confidence to just slow down and keep moving forward. I always try to go out too fast in junk like that, which will not serve me well in the 50K. But I'm hoping the slow trails make me faster on the streets.:)


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