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My favorite thing to buy is running gear. If I had unlimited funds I can only imagine that someone would find me buried under a giant mountain of compression socks and running shoes after I had been crushed under the weight of my own addiction. Even with that terrifying image- still want more.
Purple Pro Compression
For some reason having pink, black, and neon yellow is not enough. Purple I must have you.
I really want to try these running shoes. They look.....different. But word in the running world is that they are like magic clouds of running awesomeness. They are also $170. I feel for that price I should not even have to be present to participate in the run. I should just be able to put them outside and let them back in when they have done my workout for the day.
Bib Folio
 So many bibs. Bibs, bibs everywhere. This would help get things under control. And looks so cute.
So many medals. Medals, medals everywhere. In need of some more space if I am going to start adding marathon medals.
Chevron Skirt
Love this skirt. So cute. Chevrons rock. And this would go really well with purple compression socks.

What is on your wish list?


  1. I want the purple Pro Compression socks, too! I have pink and orange, but no purple. Purple is my thing!

  2. Socks are always on my wish list. Hokas do seem pretty darn cool, but I think I would wear them out too fast on the outside edge and be made about it. I want to try newtons which are equally ridiculously expensive.

  3. I'd love a medal display too, and a running skirt would be nice too! I hope Santa brings you some running gear!

  4. My list is pretty much the same.

  5. i asked for pro compression for christmas. I wish i would have seen this post the other day bc runningskirts was having a 12/12/12 sale ($12 off + free shipping)

    fyi that is the candy stripe skirt, chevron is a much thicker pattern (its my favorite one I own by them) http://store.runningskirts.com/chevrun-running-skirt

    1. You are so right- not sure how I missed the skirt is the candy strip. Candy strip or chevron- I will take either or both;).


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