Kenosha Conundrum

I may have some sort of issue.
This morning I woke up thinking "I should run the Wisconsin marathon".
First of all- why am I thinking about this while I am sleeping. That seems abnormal.

Second of all- sleep thinker me is more rational and into cost savings.
I was all about the Illinois marathon. It is in the planner- marathon plan mapped out. Done & Done. But the Illinois marathon is 3 and 1/2 hours away and on a Saturday. Which means packet pick-up on Friday. Which means leaving work early, driving and hotel. Hotel probably for two nights cause lets be honest the probability of me driving home 3 and 1/2 after running 26.2 safely and not  involve me taking myself and unsuspecting victims out is slim. It also means that D can't go. Which seems bad because who is going to be at the finish line to drag my sad butt to a shower and stuff my full of carbs after? I WANT PANCAKES. SOMEBODY GET ME PANCAKES. Oh the horror.

So at some point during the night my brain solved my problem for me- why not run the Wisconsin marathon. It is a week after the Illinois marathon, I can sleep in my own bed and guilt D into attending the magnificent occasion. Plus it is cheaper. And I have a coupon code.

Brilliant subconscious me. Brilliant. So D put on your pancake eatin pants- it's marathon time. Well marathon time May 4th.

And because it is hilarious


  1. Have you already booked a hotel for the Illinois marathon? All the hotels near it are sold out.. I checked about 10 hotels last week and all had no rooms. Crazy!! Needless to say I won't be running it.

    Maybe the Wisconsin marathon is better? :)

  2. Haha I have that same problem! ;)


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