Hate Mail for my Hip

Dear Left Hip,
I hear you. You are cranky.

You have sufficiently let me know this by now causing pain from my lower back down to my calf. And yes it was a bad decision to power walk on Monday which apparently you hated with a fiery passion. And okay, continuing to bike, lunge, down dog and up dog the crap out of you was probably a poor choice. So I have backed off. I now do nothing. I sleep in. I sit at my desk all day. I walk carefully. But I don't crack a sweat. I don't even stretch you because that apparently makes you scream. Instead I do more of this

and more of this


But hear me hip I will march you down to a doctor if you don't get it together. And that doctor will poke and prod you and probably just tell me to stop running for awhile which is what I am doing anyway so this threat may be slightly empty but don't push me. And just know that the fact that I can't run or do anything else in the endorphin area is the reason I am being even more neurotic than usual. Not cool, hip. Not cool.

Your disgruntled owner

P.S. Sorry husband, family, friends, neighbors and complete strangers who have to interact with me.
P.P.S. I will run the last ten miles to reach my 1000 for the year goal with you or without you hip- so get on board.


  1. argh stupid hip! hopefully it runs its course so you can start the new year fresh! at least you only have 10 miles left to hit 1000, yay!

  2. Screw you hip! I'm watching you...

    Get better soon - sending positive vibes your way!

  3. Boo, hip! It better listen to you!

  4. OH man, so frustrating! I hope your hip feels better soon:) The beer should help:)

  5. Yes!!!! I'm not the only person that scolds their body parts!!!!


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