Cookies & Rest

The last few days have been way fun.
First I made my dreams come true by baking these cookies.
  Bake them, they are amazing. Perfect fuel for running. Okay that is probably not true but they taste delicious. And after you eat all of them because you can't stop because they are the best thing you have ever eaten running will help your pants fit.

We headed to
 for brunch yesterday. It was delicious. I love how when you eat breakfast at home it is normal size. I almost always eat two eggs and a slice of toast, or bagel with peanut butter or a bowl of oatmeal with pb (I love peanut butter could you tell) and coffee. 2nd breakfast (you know the breakfast you eat around 10 a.m. when you realize there is no way you are going to make it to lunch without being super cranky cause your are starving or perishing due to lack of nutrition is usually a banana. Point is not a million calories. But when you go out to breakfast eating a four egg scramble with hash-browns and pancakes is totally cool. Which is what I ate and it was delicious. Breakfast at a restaurant rocks. Favorite meal of the day.

We also went to the Lake Forest Historic square (which does not look like this in summer, think covered in snow and freezing) to do some shopping which included buying a prime rib for Christmas dinner and several delicious fancy cheeses from the fancy cheese store.

So obviously I have been 'fueling' but have I been running.....

 if you tip your head to the side since I can not figure out how to turn this picture you will see no not really. First I was resting and rehabbing my hip which feels way better and then I got sick. So not a lot of running going on. At first I was freaking out about no running like a normal type A runner would and then I read this article in Runner's World and felt better. Rest is good. I know this but for some reason when it comes in the form of a magazine I believe it more.

But I am slowly getting back at it. Training this week:



Twelve miles which is more than the ten miles I ran last week.
I feel strong and fast, okay fastish, which is what I want to feel going into spring marathon training and after minimal running this month.

Happy holidays to everyone. I hope you have a wonderful time with family and friends with good food and fun!


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