Friday, November 2, 2012

Tyranena Beer Goals

Tomorrow is the Tyranena Beer Half. This race is kind of different in that it starts at not sure what to do with that.
 I have done some super sleuthing and found some other people's race reviews and comments on the interwebs. There is a common theme: Hills.
Yes, those are some hills. Mile three looks like a particularly good time.
Knowing my general distaste for hills I doubt another sub-two will magically appear.
A Goal: Sub 2:10- keep running, even up the hills, even the big one.
B Goal: Sub 2:12- run, don't focus on how much you have walked up the hills, and stop whining.
C Goal: Obtain medal and beer after getting some exercise.
I can only hope the amount of Halloween treats I have consumed this week count as carb loading.

How do you all feel about hills- love/ hate?
Any hill running tips to share?


  1. I had a beer after a race for the first time last weekend, and it was the most delicious, amazing beer EVER. I'm all about beer races now!

    I basically have no hill experience (aside from a few bridges), so they really scare me.

  2. 11.30?? That's weird!! Good luck fuelling for that one!

    I love hills...but not in races. Just work your way steadily up and look forward to the downhills.

  3. I totally need to find a beer race now. Those hills look killer but judging your post on Twitter today, kinda sounds like you made those hills your bitches!!


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