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I am not particularly political. I have my beliefs, I have picked a side but I don't really want to share. Yes I have a MA in Political Science but I studied international relations and public policy, mostly focusing on natural am no expert on American Politics. To be honest most of my political knowledge comes from watching the Daily Show and Colbert Report so there is that.....

I work in local government so I will always be biased and believe that the individual should pay more attention to local elections than federal as the decisions being made at the local level have a direct impact on your everyday existence. And living in Illinois, which has the most local units of government out of all 50 states (fun fact) there is a lot to pay attention to. That being said even I am more interested in the flash and jazz hands of those running for higher offices. It is hard to ignore televised debates and commercials even when all you have for television are basic channels on clear days when the TV antenna gets a signal.

And yes I have heard the arguments that voting for the individual is not a rational use of their time and apparently the only state that matters this year is Ohio. All that being said:
Go Vote
Regardless of who you are voting for and why, one of the great things about living in the US of A is that we have a voice. So use it. Don't just let government happen to you. Take action and be a part of it. At the very least do it for the sticker. 

Did  you early vote or mail in? 
I am a big fan of mail in ballots because I am lazy but this year am going in person.


  1. Totally agree. I'm in the odd situation of not being able to vote anywhere. I'm a Brit in the USA so I have no vote here, which is fine. But I'm so distanced from UK politics and the state of the nation that I don't feel I should vote in the next UK general election. Why should I have a say in how the country is run when I don't live there, the results have no impact on me and I don't even know what's happening. So I'm voteless, which feels odd for someone who totally believes in voting. So those of you who can...go and vote, as Bean said. Women threw themselves under race horses so we could have a say. Honour them, have your say.

  2. Except here where all of the local elected officials and representatives are unopposed Republicans. I think I might just write go myself in for fun. And seriously, did you go and get yourself a second Master's degree?

    1. Yes I went back to school again .....last time I swear:)

  3. I am voting tomorrow! I like to watch them scan my sheet in!!


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