This past weekend I ran two, TWO half marathons. You know the equivalent of a marathon with a 14 to 16 hour break in the middle. Serious questions have been raised about the saneness of marathon runners. You know the people who do all that without the break in the middle. But I still totally want to do them.

I now feel like death.

Raise your hand if you may have signed up for too many races in too short a time period

After a 5 mile easy run this morning that was not so easy (legs feel like lead, pouring sweat, achy shins, all signs of being crazy over training) I have a feeling this
is not going to be a day at the park.

And after that I gotta get it together because this is happening the Saturday after

And there is beer and I have heard word of a lasagna dinner after and I refuse to turn down free food and drink.

Or miss out on a medal within an hour drive of my house.

You know what they say


  1. Whoa, girl! I didn't know you had more races this weekend and next. Take care of yourself! I understand not being able to turn down free food or drink; I can't either. Oh, and I always pour sweat. I'm disgusting.

  2. Nah we just glow because we are ladies and ladies don't sweat;)

  3. Your a killing machine. Just by seeing that 5 mile run makes me tired. Take it slow and take care of your self.
    Eagan Fitness Center

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