Reaction & the Tentative Spring Schedule

Today I went to work and told everyone I could find (coworkers, strangers, elderly in the building to vote early, the cafeteria manager) about my sub 2 hour triumph.

Their reaction:

And I was just like:

Um excuse me, do you people not understand how amazingly awesome that is. Why are you not as  impressed with me as I am with myself???? Uh these people just don't get me. 

Five More to Go:
The end, the end is near.

26) Egg Shell Shuffle March 30, 2012

27)  Chi-Town Half Marathon  Beginning of April

Marathon Time Out: Illinois Marathon April 27th

28) Wisconsin Half May 4th

29) 13.1 Marathon Chicago June 8th

30) Chicago Women's Half Marathon June 23rd

Then it will be time to prepare for the birthday marathon of my choice (Half Moon Bay Marathon)

And because my friend sent it to me and I think it is awesome:


  1. I love the video of the little girl's reaction!! I can totally see you doing that. LOL And...if you're seeing yourself as a unicorn, is that because you're hoping for a BQ??

    1. I plan to age into a BQ nice and easy;). If I ever BQ I will be unbearable- and the whole world will know that I am headed to Boston. THE WORLD;)

  2. That cartoon is hilarious. It made me laugh even more because just last night I was making unicorn jokes.

    I'm jealous of your multiple Chicago races. Those will be awesome!

    And if you ever want to add Alabama to your list, you can stay at our crib. If your husband thought it was weird for us to meet up and swap BFF necklaces, this will make him even more weirded out by me.:)

    1. Looking for Alabama races! If there is a place to stay I am there:). Well you know if you ever feel like doing a Chicago one let me know. You are also more than welcome to stay at our abode or we can share some digs in Chicago. Though maybe not the Trump tower;).

  3. I love this post! Non-runners never get it. And they just don't understand what they're missing out on!

    Big things ahead for you - I'm rooting for you :-)


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