Race Goals: Let's Skamper

Not sure what my goals should be for

I am feeling pretty good since my Wednesday run. Mostly because I haven't worked out since and been sleeping more. The course is supposed to be flat and fast. Weather is supposed to be dry and a cool 45 as the high. Let's do this:

A goal: 2:05 or less
B goal: 2:10 or less
C goal: 2:15 or less

I am dressing up as a runner, don't even think I will wear the cat ears, so there should be nothing to keep me from running on the faster side. I still don't feel 100 percent in the leg department so I guess we shall see. Fast or slow it will be fun to see those who do dress up and check out a new area.

Good luck to all those racing this weekend.

Do you all set goals for races? 
Any exciting racing or non racing plans?


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