Protein Pancakes

I have been fueling for long runs a little differently. I usually eat toast with PB and banana. Instead I have been making protein pancakes. What drew me to try this is the fact I can put chocolate chips in it. WIN! Plus who does not love pancakes?

 I got the recipe out of runner's world.
1/2 cup pancake mix- I use whole wheat because then I can claim it is healthy.
One scoop of protein powder. Any kind will do- I like chocolate
A dash of olive oil (tablespoon will do)
1/3 cup of water.
You can add fruit or chocolate- just add chocolate you know you want to.
Mix (add more water if needed), fryer up in the pan and add PB and syrup or whatever you want.

Delicious and nutritious....maybe less nutritious with a pound of chocolate and peanut butter but for sure delicious.


  1. I'm a toast, peanut butter and banana girl, too. Have you noticed a difference in your runs? Or are these just a tasty alternative to the standard long-run breakfast?

    1. I feel I stay fuller longer. Only needed one gel at my last half after eating this for bfast. But it could be my brain making it up so I have an excuse to eat more chocolate.:)

  2. Hmm....may give these a bash this weekend, thanks!!!

  3. Chocolate would be the only thing to add. Also message me if you are in Chicago Monday-Thursday this week. We are headed up for a business trip. My husband will do business while I am hard at the business of having fun.

  4. I've tried making protein pancakes and they were eh..maybe if I added chocolate they'd be better!! :-)


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