Prairie State Half Goals

Time to race again!! Whooooooo
Saturday is

So goal time:
A Goal: Get it together and finally break two hours. I know I can do it. 2:04 last time. Just need to suck it up and run faster. Ummm.....easier said than done but maybe Saturday is the day.

B Goal: Under 2:05. A PR or something close to it would be pretty sweet as well.

C Goal: Under 2:10.
With 52 and partly cloudy the weather should be perfect. It is on trails. Out and back. Rolling that is not awesome.

But let's not forget the most important thing.......brunch after.


  1. 4 minutes, so darn close! The weather will definitely help. On my last race with rolling hills, my Garmin looked like a crazy mess of slow then fast, but I was just trying to keep the miles within the right time range. It worked, but my butt was really sore.:) You can do this!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! Time to put the game face on :).

  3. great goal!!! you can definitely get it!!! happy friday and spa love! <3

  4. You can do it!!! I'm excited to hear about your accomplishments!

  5. I WANT that weather! I know you'll rock it! Can't wait to read about it.


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