Lessons from a Treadmill

I have run three times on my new treadmill. Which now makes me a treadmill running expert of course. Things I have learned in my 11 miles going nowhere.

1. Even when you are losing your mind excited that you purchased a treadmill and it resides a convenient four feet away from your bedroom it can still be tough to convince yourself to get on it.

2. It is sweaty. Soooo sweaty. Even with the built in fan on the treadmill and an additional fan both on high. I have never sweated so much in my life.

3. Treadmill running is boring. It is less boring with fun music. It is way less boring when you watch a movie.

4. Running on a treadmill stress your joints in new ways. Easing into it seems best. I read an article that treadmill runners can experience more stress injuries due to there being less variation in their form.

5. I start too fast. And then want to die. I need to learn how to ease into it just like I do running outside.

The treadmill is for days when weather makes it unrealistic to run outside, for two a days, and interval training. My first love will always be running outside. But the treadmill is pretty sweet.


  1. I am so jealous of your new ride/treadmill. I decided that it's so sweaty because you are exerting the same amount as on the road, but you don't have the full flow of air around you. Even with a fan, it just hits one spot on your body, but on the streets, you have air flow all around. And sometimes the treadmill (with no incline!) feels harder to me than running on sold ground. Not sure why.

  2. Having a treadmill is so convenient! It is definitely the best present I ever got :) I always watch tv when I'm on it so the time goes by pretty quickly. Enjoy!

  3. I am glad it is not just me that sweats like freakin' CRAZY on my home treadmill. When I was doing longer runs at home I'd have to change clothes!

  4. What is it with sweating on a treadmill?!? I sweat a lot no matter what, but it is out of control on a treadmill.

  5. I used to do about 80% of my training on a treadmill...for about 5 years and 6 marathons. :-) Now, I mostly run outdoors. I think that your gait is different on a treadmill, but I never had a major injury until I started running more outdoors!

  6. If you still lived in AZ, you wouldn't have to resort to a treadmill!! But then again, if you lived in AZ you wouldn't be having all the new amazing adventures you're having. There is a trade off!!


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