Bean meets THE BEAN

On Saturday D and I headed to the big, mean city of Chicago. D had been to Chicago a while ago but the closest I had ever been was running through the O'Hare Airport a few times (why O'Hare, why must I always run through you?). We were excited, me probably annoyingly so ('we're goin to the big city, we're goin to the big city (insert hand clap here)) and caught the early train to start our adventure.
Chicago river
 Our plan was pretty vague. Show up, orientate ourselves and walk around and explore.

Art Institute of Chicago
 But I had one goal. See the BIG BEAN.
 And it was glorious. It is actually called Cloud Gate but come on it is a bean.

 After seeing the Bean we went in search of food and shopping, heading toward the Magnificent Mile. The only thing I bought was a coffee mug but it was fun to look at all the high end stuff.

All the buildings were amazing and it was really fun to wander around in such an awesome city. 
We also found the most magical corner of all, Ghirardelli chocolate and the Hershey store located across the street from each of other. I was so sad that we were full of lunch. Next time we are heading straight to Ghirardelli and stuffing our faces there. We also didn't hit up Navy Pier but D reminded me that since we live here now we can always come back. Oh right. I can't wait to head back into the city and do some more exploring!


  1. Love the photo of you in the bean!

  2. those are really awesome pics!! i would love to visit there! it looks like a great time! spa love!

  3. i loveeeee chicago! It is such aaa beautiful city! Hope you had a great time!

    1. So fun but so much walking. If I actually lived there I would be in amazing shape:)

  4. Hey, I'm gonna be there in a week and a half! My husband has a business conference, and I'm just hanging out. Maybe I can find the bean too!

    1. You should definitely head to Millennium park where the bean and other cool sculptures are. And then head straight to Ghirardelli and get one of those awesome ice cream desserts!

  5. I love playing tourist in my own town. Your pictures are fantastic!


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