Oak Brook Half Race Review

Monday, Labor Day, the day America celebrates its labor force by letting government laborers have the day off I decided to labor through 13.1 miles. And it was an awesome, sweaty fun fest. D and I rolled out of bed at 4a.m. to make the hour and twenty minute drive to the Oak Brook area where the race was held. And we hit absolutely no traffic, so there is an up side to being on the road at 4:30 a.m. We got to the start line in plenty of time for parking, me to pick up my number and to weigh in at the Clydesdale table. 

Now me and my lovely lady lumps have had mixed feeling about this category but I have decided to embrace it. I can compete with others who have junk in the trunk but I can not compete with the lean, mean fighting machines so I might as well join in the fun when the category exists. I have done many a 1/2 marathon at this point (have even placed in my age group in non-Clydesdale- super small race) and the Clydesdale categories are all different. For this one any female over 135 pounds regardless of height was a Clydesdale. I see all kind of ridiculous with this but I also know females are weird about their weight (myself included) so if I jump on the scale and declare it loud and proud, I know most others won't and that means......placing which I think is pretty darn cool. 

Thumbs up for Clydesdale
I have to say my skirt and socks got a lot of comments so that was kind of fun. And they were pretty awesome.

But I was not the only one rocking a sweet outfit. See my smiling face, now look to the right. Check out those tiny shorts on that man. Absolutely terrifying. Someone should get him a skirt. 

 This race started right on time at 7a.m. There were probably around 2000 runners. It was about 75 and humid at the start (like foggy humid). I debated whether to carry my camera with me but in the end decided that this was going to be a total sweat fest so left it in the car. D was in charge of photography and I must say he did a fine job. He also took pictures of things at half marathons that he doesn't like......
Number one on the list is all the people waiting for the porta potties. And I will agree that if you think about it too long it is disturbing. 

I think also on the list are 4a.m. wake-ups and standing around for several hours while your wife runs. 

 The race had signs set up with mile paces which seemed to work really well. I never had to weave around people at the beginning. Overall there were seven water stops that had both gatorade and water. I drank a cup of each at each stop since I was sweating a ridiculous amount. In one and a half miles I had basically sweated through all my clothes. At mile 9 they were handing out bags of ice and I saw one person get a ride in an ambulance. So the heat and humidity were no joke.
 That being said the above area was the set up for the first aid station so I am glad I kept it together. The bucket of ice, broken lawn chair situation does not look great.
 The course was a mix of road, sidewalk, bike path and trails. It was beautiful with a lot of the course in the trees and along water. It was super hilly, which I knew was the case but like to pretend doesn't exist and never look too closely at the elevation chart so I am always surprised by the amount of hills.
 Overall I really enjoyed running this race but it was not my best showing. I struggled on the hills, I struggled with the humidity, I struggled with the amount of gatorade consumed but I thought the race was well organized, a great course, great course support and sweet swag.
 This is my I am completely soaked and don't know what to do with myself pose.
 So how did I do. Official finish: 2:16:21

1 9:20
2 9:10
3 9:17
4 10:23
5 9:44
6 10:13
7 10:54
8 11:34 (eat some gu/ walk a hill)
9 10:21
10 10:52
11 11:16
12 11:56 (pit stop)
13 10:46
14 8:22

Pretty much the 11's line up with hills. Hills and I do not get along.
Oh and I placed 2nd in my Clydesdale division. Sup sweet plaque. You can come live at my house.
 Only later did I realize they gave me the wrong one, I am in fact not in the masters category yet, though every year working towards it I suppose. So sorry who ever won the masters category. I hope you are enjoying my open division plaque as much as I am your masters.
Overall a great race and a great day. I may not have pulled off a faster time but I felt better than I usually do after so that is something. My leg held up okay but is a little sore today. Back to icing in preparation for the Crystal Lake 1/2 on Sunday.


  1. I am so excited for you. I have not checked the "clydesdale" box because I've been offended in the past. But maybe I'll take a page from your book and embrace it! :-)

  2. A) Congrats! That is awesome!
    B) Your outfit is freaking adorable. Seriously, love it.
    C) I cannot believe 135 lbs is Clydesdale! I've never quite gotten this category in the past (or ever, really) but 135 lbs?? That seems absurdly low. Whatever :)

  3. That's actually a pretty cool race shirt. It looks kind of presidential. ?? What does that even mean? Don't know. Big congrats on your plaque. That is a dream of mine to win a race plaque. There is a race in my mom's hometown that gives out horse trophies. Also a dream of mine to win one of those. And over 135 is clydesdale. That is messed up. But your outfit is not messed up. It is freakin awesome!

  4. I'm kind of horrified by the whole Clydesdale thing. And 135 lbs is nothing!! But the chance to place??? That's enough to make me eat a lot of cakes in order to qualify.

    Anyway, congratulations on a great race...I hate humidity!!

  5. Congrats on the race! I've never done a race that had weight categories (at least that I know of) but 135 for a clydesdale is insane!!

  6. I lol'd at the guy in the tiny shorts. Congrats on the finish and LOVE the plaque!

  7. You are awesome! And, I love your skirt and socks. You looked sweet placing!

    I've never heard of weighing in at a race to be placed in a certain category. I love that you embraced it! Even if I lose the extra poundage, I'll never be 135 pounds! I'm a clydesdale for life!


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