Oak Brook 1/2 Goals

It is time to kick of the fall racing season I am so excited. Almost as excited as when I found pajama jeans at Walmart yesterday.
Almost. Did you know those suckers were on sale for $40. ON SALE. Why would you not just buy a pair of real jeans for that price? Or 8 pairs of Walmart jeans or something. I am so confused about this. I also got my hair cut. I know I was all 'I am a awesome person and gonna grow my hair out for locks of love, society can thank me later'. I could not stand my hair any longer so if anything I am an awful person because I have no patience or self control. I am also not a huge fan of how the guy cut my hair but.....wait, wait what was I blogging about.....oh right 1/2 marathon goals.

SO. Oak Brook half tomorrow. Before I ended up spending the last few days doing this
I had thought maybe I could PR. I have been running hard this summer, picking up a little speed and did knock out a 14 mile run last weekend although that was super slow but still maybe. Instead I think I will scale back my expectations a bit since my leg is a bit wonky and never know what will happen out there.
So A goal: have an amazing day, leg magically fixes self, and I get a PR and win the race. Okay, okay I get a PR.
B goal: I finish under 2:12
C goal: I finish under 2:20/ ole standby of just finishing.

No matter what ends up happening at the race I am gonna look awesome!
I finally have an occasion to break out my new running skirt  and I am gonna wear it with my new neon yellow compression socks and my rocking pink shoes!

Speaking of shoes, and when am I not speaking of shoes I got a new pair (shocking I know).

Since my leg has been acting up I am on the hunt for the cause. Plus I just really wanted to try Mizunos and found these on sale. I walked about six miles in them yesterday and they felt amazing. They are a lot softer and puffy cloud feeling (technical term) than my Nike's. Can't wait to take them for a spin running.

Happy Labor day tomorrow. May you celebrate the day by not doing labor!


  1. Hi! I've just found your blog from Yo Momma...and that running skirt is fab, I haven't ventured into the running skirt world yet but Christmas is coming up....

    I'm also going for a sub-two half marathon so we're about the same speed. I did 2.04 in July and am hopeful for 1.59.59 in October. But I'm not counting my chickens quite yet.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and running skirts are a lot of fun, you should give one a go:). Good luck with the sub 2. I am having trouble but keep picking hilly, hot races so it is my own fault I suppose.

  2. Love the commentary on the pj jeans at Wal Mart!!!! Ha!


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